Welcome to your retirement guide to paradise

Hello, my name is John Arnold and with my travel and expat experience, I can help you get the information you need! The purpose of this website is to provide information about travelling or moreover, retiring outside your current country of residence. I have set out on a mission to find the Best Place to […] ...more

Bali. Cost of living a comfortable retired life

After spending 3 months on this popular Indonesian island I have a good grasp of costs to live here. All of these numbers are just for a single retired man. No dog. No wife. No kids. Just me. Here we go with Bali cost of living…  The cost to rent on this island, in popular […] ...more

Travelling and the art of being social

I began travelling when I was about 10 years old. My mum allowed me to travel on the train to see my grandmother. This was such a grand adventure for me and I savoured every moment. Everything about each trip was exciting: the bus to the train station, buying the “day return” train ticket, the […] ...more

Death by bus or bullet?!

As a retired expat living and travelling to several countries the question of “how safe is that area” is at the top of my list of needs and probably yours too. For me, there is no point in living in a town with low-cost of living, clear sunny days and lots to do if you […] ...more

Eating local food in your chosen paradise

Whether you are an American, British or from Australia, eating in foreign countries, can have its gastronomical challenges. The big difference with food outside of a Western Culture is the spices used. Spices can be mild and make the meal more enjoyable or the added spices can also make you cry and choke simultaneously, all the while […] ...more

Renting a house in Khanom Thailand

Finding a place to call “home” for a few months or a few decades requires patience and certain skills. It is difficult enough to find a house to call home in your home country of Australia, Great Britain or the USA. Throw in the language and cultural barrier and the task becomes tricky at best. After […] ...more

Meanwhile: Thailand 2018

Hello and welcome, again perhaps, to my blog about retiring in paradise. It has been a very long time since I wrote anything here. I am not exactly sure why this is, but probably a combination of reasons. Without further ado, here is a quick update about me for the last 18 months and my retire in […] ...more