Renting a house in Khanom Thailand

Finding a place to call “home” for a few months or a few decades requires patience and certain skills. It is difficult enough to find a house to call home in your home country of Australia, Great Britain or the USA. Throw in the language and cultural barrier and the task becomes tricky at best. After […] ...more

Chiang Mai and my cost of living in Thailand

There are few people that can ignore how much the cost of living will be in Thailand   , Mexico, Spain or wherever their idea of paradise is. When I left Tucson Arizona, in January 2013, for greener and cheaper pasture I was also a little apprehensive. I was hoping that my choice of Mexico […] ...more

What Will it Cost to Live in Paradise

We each have our own priorities as to the “must have” in choosing best places to retire. In my mind there is little point living in one of the cheapest places to live if the town is dangerous or has awful weather. We each have to decide what is important to us. I am living […] ...more

Retirement Income

I was never a good saver, I was careful with money and how I spent it, but saving for a rainy day, nope, I was not the best saver at all. I lived for the day mostly, spending huge amounts of money on travel especially to visit my family in England and Scotland, whilst i […] ...more