Living in Chiang Mai. It’s not all roses!

I think we all can talk ourselves into just about anything. Right? Even though we KNOW that there are few red flags, we can still talk ourselves into believing that our choice is an excellent one. So if you move to another country, would you force yourself to stay even though you it’s not what […] ...more

Which items to sell or pack?

Whether I am packing for a weekend getaway or planning my move to Mexico, “what to pack” is always an issue for me and my guess it is for you also, right? Because I drove from Tucson Arizona to my chosen town of San Miguel de Allende Mexico, then the space in my mini-van, afforded me […] ...more

Cell phones overseas

A common question when traveling overseas is “can I use my cell phone in xyz country?” The short answer: maybe. 1. Assuming you are just visiting for a holiday ask your cell phone provider for their rates and also, VERY important, ask them to remove any restrictions on using your phone overseas. This is my […] ...more

Moving to Mexico. Logistics and practical stuff.

First things first. I have decided that “Mexico is the best place to retire” and so living in Mexico means that I have to move to Mexico. So, how will you accomplish this? My story: After I had made my decision to live in Mexico I also decided to sell just about everything I owned. Since […] ...more