Ecuador. Cities in the Andes. Cuenca

After a week in Quito, the capital, I am learning more and more about the geography, distances and transportation. I opted to fly from Quito to Cuenca and arrived early morning; too early. Not even the coffee shops were open. This is always the problem with the least expensive flights: they are also the least […] ...more

What Will it Cost to Live in Paradise

We each have our own priorities as to the “must have” in choosing best places to retire. In my mind there is little point living in one of the cheapest places to live if the town is dangerous or has awful weather. We each have to decide what is important to us. I am living […] ...more

Senior Living in San Miguel de Allende

This article will be a more in-depth look at my life, my “senior living life”, in San Miguel de Allende. I hope you find this real-world information useful. Today is my birthday and tonight I will be going to the local Gringo bar, Hanks. This pub/restaurant used to be called Harry’s up until 2012 and Bob, […] ...more

Cell phones overseas

A common question when traveling overseas is “can I use my cell phone in xyz country?” The short answer: maybe. 1. Assuming you are just visiting for a holiday ask your cell phone provider for their rates and also, VERY important, ask them to remove any restrictions on using your phone overseas. This is my […] ...more

Moving to Mexico. Logistics and practical stuff.

First things first. I have decided that “Mexico is the best place to retire” and so living in Mexico means that I have to move to Mexico. So, how will you accomplish this? My story: After I had made my decision to live in Mexico I also decided to sell just about everything I owned. Since […] ...more

Making it legal in Mexico

I got a HUGE surprise at the Mexican Consulate office here in Tucson this morning. First let me explain about Mexico’s visa process which is very similar to the other countries on my short list. You can not just waltz into Mexico and rent a home, stay for more than 180 days and call yourself […] ...more