Living in Chiang Mai. It’s not all roses!

I think we all can talk ourselves into just about anything. Right? Even though we KNOW that there are few red flags, we can still talk ourselves into believing that our choice is an excellent one. So if you move to another country, would you force yourself to stay even though you it’s not what […] ...more

Is an “early retirement” what you really want?

I think most people would be all ears if I sat down with them and told them that they could absolutely retire early and have an early retirement in a beautiful paradise for less money than they think possible. Even if they loved the jobs they were doing, the thought of retirement is enticing to […] ...more

Ecuador. Cities in the Andes. Cuenca

After a week in Quito, the capital, I am learning more and more about the geography, distances and transportation. I opted to fly from Quito to Cuenca and arrived early morning; too early. Not even the coffee shops were open. This is always the problem with the least expensive flights: they are also the least […] ...more

What Will it Cost to Live in Paradise

We each have our own priorities as to the “must have” in choosing best places to retire. In my mind there is little point living in one of the cheapest places to live if the town is dangerous or has awful weather. We each have to decide what is important to us. I am living […] ...more

Cell phones overseas

A common question when traveling overseas is “can I use my cell phone in xyz country?” The short answer: maybe. 1. Assuming you are just visiting for a holiday ask your cell phone provider for their rates and also, VERY important, ask them to remove any restrictions on using your phone overseas. This is my […] ...more

Options and my Short List

I have already decided that continuing to live in the USA is not an option for me. I do not agree with the USA government and their “peacekeeping” missions which end up killing hundreds of thousands of civilians all over the Middle East. Nor do I subscribe, anymore, to the huge consumerism in America, the […] ...more