Cell phones overseas

A common question when traveling overseas is “can I use my cell phone in xyz country?” The short answer: maybe. 1. Assuming you are just visiting for a holiday ask your cell phone provider for their rates and also, VERY important, ask them to remove any restrictions on using your phone overseas. This is my […]

Options and my Short List

I have already decided that continuing to live in the USA is not an option for me. I do not agree with the USA government and their “peacekeeping” missions which end up killing hundreds of thousands of civilians all over the Middle East. Nor do I subscribe, anymore, to the huge consumerism in America, the […]

Turning 60, a Paradigm Shift

All my adult life have looked and felt younger than the year printed on my British birth certificate. Turning 40..no big deal.. 50.. now married with 3 children.. still no big deal. Turning 60. Ok, now THIS is getting interesting. By 60 both my parents were dead, my 2 best friends and a few more […]

Welcome to your retirement guide to paradise

Hello, my name is John Arnold and with my travel and expat experience, I can help you get the information you need! The purpose of this website is to provide information about travelling or moreover, retiring outside your current country of residence. I have set out on a mission to find the Best Place to […]