Creating an income in Third World Countries.

retire in paradise for less, retirement, retire early, paradise, mexico, london,naked, ecuador,thailand,quito,cuenca,puyo,ambato,san miguel de allende,chiang mai,Ever dream of “work and travel” as a way to escape the grind of a 9 to 5 job? Well, I might be able to give you some ideas that can turn that dream into a reality. Teaching English in Thailand, is probably the most popular way to make a living, not lucrative, but if can pay the bills.

Many people who come to Mexico or Thailand are NOT retired and must work hard for another few decades in their new paradise! However, you can not just visit the USA and start a new job, well, not legally and the ramifications can be severe. Third world countries operate on a theoretical similar basis, so please be forewarned. These rules apply to both retired and non-retired expats.

The first thing to do is to acquaint yourself with the laws of that country. Make sure you have the proper paperwork in place before you embark on your new venture. Even volunteer work is frowned upon in some countries or just be downright illegal without the proper documents. So think twice before doing any kind community service deed, get the facts about doing such work.

I have several friends who have the ultimate job; they earn their USA salary and are allowed to live and do that work in Mexico. So high pay and low cost of living. Tough to beat, but it can be done! As a retired engineer, I know that I can also consult for companies while living in Mexico or South America and meetings can take place via Skype for project updates. Many, many no retired folks teach English, which can be low pay. In Mexico, teachers of English earn about $8 and hour, which for Mexico is a good income.

There are places in the world called “Digital Nomad Cities”. Basically, they have good internet infrastructure, low cost of living and also have things like free or very inexpensive workspace. So for example, if you can only afford a small room, with no internet then these workspace setups provide all that for you. The income of a “digital nomad” can be made from producing websites like this, writing your own e-book, freelance writers for magazine and journals, virtual consultants and so forth. Cities that make the cut are in SE Asia, Mexico and Morocco. Try THIS LINK to look at more details of these cities..but please come back here. I will miss you! Work and travel for digital nomads is a lifestyle that they all enjoy and a network of such people exists globally and as such, they often network to help each other out.

Teaching positions in Third World countries are big. Job agencies for these overseas jobs do exist online in USA and Europe. Since expat cities around the world often have International Schools, where English is the only language spoken, then English speaking teachers of every subject are needed in these schools.

If teaching English in Thailand is not your cup of tea then think “entrepreneur”. I have been astounded at the people I have met in Mexico that operate their businesses as expats; for example, a couple that has a kitchen remodelling service operates all their kitchen design and management from Mexico and yet the work is performed in 3 cities across the USA! Then there is my friend Lisa that runs an online travel agency for affluent holidaymakers to exotic destinations or expensive cruises. The ages of these expat workers is 25 to 70! Some (not the 60+ year-olds) are still raising small children!

A word of warning though. Since you may be working in a country that has no pension scheme in place then you will not be paying such taxes to fund your old age pension. That could be a problem if you have no savings or are not in a position to make investments that will replace a government pension.

I would encourage you all to take a look at your current job, or take inventory of your skill set and see how it could work in your own future; your warm paradise can be your new office.

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